A UK lift services provider with international reach

… And always working in compliance with worldwide Health & Safety laws

DirectContactLifts operates safely and effectively all over the UK, and further afield. As the company has grown over the years, increasing demand for our services has seen our engineers (a kind of Lift Special Forces Rapid Response Unit!) respond to distress calls from overseas to solve lift issues that local lift services companies simply cannot handle.

All-year-round, we have at least one engineer out of the country for a week at any one time. This invariably leads to referrals in that country, meaning that DirectContactLifts is often operational in Turkey, Germany, Spain and even ‘across the pond’ in the USA.

When in Rome…

‘A global mindset’ definition: the ability to recognise, read, and adapt to cultural signals, respecting local customs, to avoid causing offence, and so that your effectiveness isn’t compromised when you’re dealing with people from different countries

DirectContactLifts personnel can be relied upon to be respectful of other cultures and customs when operational abroad, where the way of life, and the manner in which people do business and manage projects, can often be vastly different to here in the UK.

Our engineers will arrive on site equipped with the specific tools they need to perform necessary tasks, and can source any other equipment whilst there easily and quickly, minimising downtime and inconvenience for the client.

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